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Added : Tuesday 10th April 2018


Shirdley Hill Friends Meeting


We were pleased to be able to welcome our 'friends' to Shirdley on the 5th April. It was an opportunity for them to see the improvements made over the last twelve months and to thank them for their continued support, without which, it would be far more challenging to manage the centre.





Added : Sunday 4th February 2018


Shirdley Hill Committee Undertakes Significant Investment


In 2012, the Shirdley Hill Committee agreed to ask every user to complete an online survey when they had used the centre. It was a real attempt to get the views of users and identify areas which could be improved.


Whilst the overwhelming majority had a great time and were complimentary about the facilities, there were a few areas that needed attention. The two main aspects were : (1) surface of the car park and driveway and (2) the kitchen.


In 2017 the car park and roadway were re-surfaced with funding coming jointly from the centre and Girlguiding Sefton.


We are pleased to be able to announce that a major refurbishment of the kitchen has been undertaken over the last two months. With new worktops, new industrial cooker, new sinks and much more the kitchen is now extremely well placed to serve users in the coming years. The investment has only been possible through two key aspects (1) sound financial management (2) increased use of the centre. We are sure that users will find this a real improvement.


You can view a video of it on the right hand side of this article.